About Our Firm

At Klosinski Overstreet, we serve you with dedication, integrity, and insight. We pride ourselves on our ability to evaluate your individual needs (even ones you may not have been aware of) and to meet them effectively. Clients come to us with real estate and business issues we are well-prepared to address, and problems we are eager to solve. Our three attorneys, who have 50 years of combined experience, have served Augusta and the entire Central Savannah River Area of Georgia for more than 15 years. During that time, we have earned a reputation for efficiency and concern and have the distinction of being one of the only firms in the area to handle intellectual property and cases involving technology issues.

In all areas of our practice, whether we are catering to your residential or commercial needs, we pay close attention to detail so that we can tailor our approach to the particulars of your situation. We are well aware that no two cases are identical, so while our work ethic is unchanging, our methods are flexible and out-of-the-box, tailored to the specifics of your real estate transactions or business goals. We are skilled enough to know how decisions made in the present can impact the future, so we always correlate what is being accomplished now with possible consequences down the road. Our innovative thinking and foresight will help protect you from potential pitfalls while keeping your business at a high level of productivity

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