About Us

At Klosinski Overstreet LLP, we’re a small firm that’s big on experience. Our attorneys have been in practice for more than 40 years combined, much of it serving our friends and neighbors in the Augusta and Central Savannah River areas. We’ve represented you in everything from real estate and business transactions to bankruptcy including debt workouts, corporate work, automotive dealer representation, wills and probate.

When you bring your legal matter to Klosinski Overstreet, you’ll work with the same team from start to finish. You’ll find attorneys who will help you  not only with your issue of the moment, but with brainstorming ways to operate more efficiently today and into the future.

We’ve built our firm around the same principles you’ve used to build your business:

Communications: We’re candid about both expectations and execution, so you’ll be fully informed about your case in every step of the way, as well as aware of possible outcomes.

Experience: We believe in attention to detail, and we strive for that in our representation. Our experience helps us represent you efficiently and effectively, which in turn helps you conserve the valuable resources of time and money.

Solutions: We will strive to look at your matter as a unique legal challenge that will require tailored talents and energies. We’ll work one-on-one with you to guide you toward the best solution for you.