A couple with their attorney, trying to navigate the closing process of their new home.

The Closing Process in Georgia: What to Expect

Purchasing a home can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. For example, people are often nervous about the amount of money they are committing to a piece of property, and they sometimes worry that problems may be discovered during the home inspection. On the other hand, homebuyers often have big plans for their new homes, and they usually can’t wait to get the deal done in order to close on the property and move into their new home!

Getting to know the closing process

The closing process usually begins when a buyer and seller execute a purchase and sale agreement. A real estate contract typically contains:

  • The price of the property
  • The amount of earnest money, if any
  • The closing date
  • The seller’s contribution to closing costs
  • Any contingencies 

There are often quite a few different people present at a residential real estate closing, including: 

  • The buyer
  • The seller
  • The buyer’s real estate agent
  • The seller’s real estate agent
  • Closing Attorney
  • A lender representative

Closing typically takes around one hour. There is an abundance of paperwork that must be signed at closing – most of which are included in the loan package from the buyer’s lender.

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