Closings Made Simple

You're not just buying a home.

You're beginning a new chapter.

You’ve worked hard for this moment. Saving the money. Finding the realtor. And finally, finding the home of your dreams! Let us handle the rest.

3 Easy Steps

Straightforward Closings

We’ve outlined 3 easy steps to help you purchase your home quickly and stress-free.

Step 1:
Contract Order

Start the process of buying your home when you send us your contract order.

Step 2:
Document Prep

Relax while we draft all your legal documents. This can include your mortgage, deed of trust, note or deed.

Step 3:
Closing Day!

All the paperwork is ready! It's time to set your closing date. If you're not sure of a date that works with all parties, contact your realtor.

See Closing Updates In Real Time

Klosinski Overstreet utilizes Qualia so you can see updates on your closing in real time.

Prepare For Closing

Before Closing

Earnest money is a deposit made on the home you intend to purchase and represents your intent to buy. The amount is negotiated as part of the contract.

You may pay earnest money via personal check made out to “Klosinski Overstreet, LLP” , cash, or wire the funds.

Click here to request wiring instructions.

Yes. Klosinski Overstreet will hold the earnest money in our escrow account. We will deposit the earnest money and hold it until the day of closing.

The listing agent may also hold the earnest money.

Day of Closing

Anyone whose name is on the contract needs to come to closing or all buyers and sellers.

You may request a POA or power of attorney. This gives another person of your choice the power to sign on your behalf. All POAs must be approved in advance by our lawyers and the lender.

Click here to request a POA.

Klosinski Overstreet’s goal is to close within 60 minutes of the scheduled time.

For both buyers and sellers, you must bring one form of identification such as a driver’s license or passport.

For buyers, some lenders require two forms of identification.

If applicable, you should bring the funds to close and the keys to the house.


The day before closing, your lender or Klosinski Overstreet will email you with the  amount needed to bring to closing.

It’s always good practice to bring more than what is estimated, as any overage will be immediately refundable at closing.

For amounts $500.00 or greater, you must bring funds either in the form of a cashier’s check or wire your funds to our escrow account the day before closing.

Click here to request wiring instructions.

Paperwork & Utilities

Both the buyer and seller will receive copies of the documents they signed at closing.

Your deed will be delivered from Klosinski Overstreet within 4 weeks after your closing date.

We recommend notifying all utility providers 2-3 days before your move-in day to ensure all utilities are fully installed and accessible.


A title search is an inspection of public records that affect the property you are purchasing. A secured title includes potential liens, adverse claims, deeds, mortgages, and more.

This ensures that the seller truly does have the right to sell their property, and that the seller can sell it without any “clouds” on the title.

Title insurance protects the buyer against financial loss should there be an issue with the title to the property. In most cases, the lender requires the buyer to purchase title insurance to protect them. Even if it is not required, it is always highly recommended to get title insurance.

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